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With over 30 years of experience, “SPARASR Emery Stones” is today a renowned name in the Flour Mill Stone Industry. Our journey started in the year 1988 with a small enterprise, serving customers with premium stones. Even today we pride ourselves in the top-notch quality products that we deliver. Upgrading with time, we rely on the latest technological advancements & our dedicated team of professionals help us provide premium service to our clients. 

We owe the perfection & premium quality of our products to the fact that they hail from the dry arid regions of Rajasthan, while our headquarter is based in Nagpur. Today we are the leading Suppliers of Emery Mill Stones both in domestic as well as external markets. With 3 corporate offices in the country and an intricate network of over 200 dealers & distributors, we can easily cater to the changing needs of the dynamic market. Our dealers are a critical part of our team who help us grow our business by catering to our customers. 

We have crafted a unique identity for ourselves in the market by providing exceptional products at the best prices with punctual delivery. Our products include a large variety of flour millstones both horizontal & vertical in red as well as black emery. These are used worldwide to enhance the grinding of grains, cereals, pulses, spices, herbs, dry chemicals, etc. 

After serving the Populus via SPARASR for years, we extended our legacy under a new brand name, JAYSHREE. Through JAYSHREE, we continued to provide propitious emery stones in all ranges to our audience. In the late 1990s & early 2000s, we introduced brands namely ALOK, CROWN and ORIENT to cater to the increasing demand for our products in the market. 

Our years of hard work in the industry & the constant efforts taken by our team has been fruitful in providing us with a significant place in the market. We constantly work to grow our name & reach newer corners of the world by using better techniques & a visionary approach moving forward.

Why Choose Us?

  • Innovative health-friendly products
  • Ensuring strict quality control at each manufacturing step
  • Cost-effective yet premium quality products
  • Punctual delivery of products 
  • A strong network of company-owned depots & dealers
  • Strong, enthusiastic and young yet experienced work-force


At SPARASR, we aim at growing with time by setting benchmarks for ourselves & achieving them. To improve work efficiency, we rely on the latest technological advancements. This has always helped us increase customer satisfaction. Our skilled workforce is constantly working to achieve & maintain a remarkable leading position in the market. We owe our achievements to our adroit team of individuals. We feel committed towards their health & welfare and hence ensure safe working conditions at the organization. 

We have a sense of social responsibility for our customers & their generations to come. That’s why our R&D department works endlessly to innovate newer & better products. 


At SPARASR, we aspire to do our part in building a healthy society & a healthier generation. 

To do so, we are:- 

  •  Analyzing changing customer expectations
  • Establishing quality system procedures
  • Creating cost-effective & high-quality products
  • Providing timely delivery
  • Guiding our customers & dealers regarding the modern grinding techniques
  • Establishing an effective feedback communication system
  • Building a strong workforce

We use research methodologies & modern operation techniques to maintain high-quality in our products. With the coming time, we aspire to rise in the global market as a leader & maintain our position as the same.


चाहे मसाले हो या किसी भी प्रकार का अनाज, पारस एमरी स्टोन्स से सही ढंग से पिसाई निश्चित है। इसमें उत्कृष्ट नमी प्रतिरोध भी है जो इसे सूखा पीसने के लिए आदर्श बनाता है और आटे का एवरेज भी अच्छा आता है।

पारस के पत्थर क्वालिटी में दमदार है। इससे पिसा हुआ आटा बेहतरीन होता है और इसकी मजबूती सराहनीय है। ये पत्थर लम्बे समय तक टिकते है।

हमने जबसे पारस एमरी स्टोन्स उपयोग में लाना शुरू किआ है हमारी सेल्स में भारी बढ़ोत्तरी हुई है। सारे कस्टमर्स काफी खुश होते है।

गेहू, ज्वार, बाजरा, मक्का या कोई भी मसला हो, इस पत्थर से सब आसानी से पिस जाता है बिना अपनी खुशबू या स्वाद खोये।

जबसे हम पारस स्टोन्स का इस्तेमाल कर रहे है, आज तक कभी भी डिलीवरी में हमें दिक्कत नहीं हुई।
समय से डिलीवरी हो जाती है और पत्थरो की क्वालिटी के तो क्या कहने। बस नाम ही काफी है।


किसी भी बिज़नेस में ग्राहक की ख़ुशी से बढ़कर कुछ नहीं और हमें ये ख़ुशी देखने मिलती है पारस स्टोन्स की बदौलत। उत्तम क्वालिटी के चलते सारे ग्राहक प्रस्सन रहते है।

हमने पारस के अलावा किसी और कंपनी पर भरोसा करने का कभी सोचा ही नहीं क्युकी शुरू से ही पारस की सर्विस तारीफ के काबिल रही है। बढ़िया क्वालिटी के साथ समय पर डिलीवरी के कारण हमारे काम में कभी कोई परेशानी नहीं आयी।


It is the premium quality of stones that makes us the fans of Sparasr. These stones are made with such high-quality that the grind produced is also highly tasty & nutritious.

In our industry, quality products are highly appreciated. And the proof to the premium quality of Sparasr Emery stones is their durability. The stones are work for hours and stay the same for long time without any trouble.

I’ve been using Sparasr Stones for years and I can’t remember having a single trouble once with them. The company provides appreciable delivery service along with best quality products. I highly recommend them to everyone.

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With over 30 years of experience, “SPARASR Emery Stones” is today a renowned name in the Flour Mill Stone Industry. Our journey started in the year 1988 with a small enterprise, serving customers with premium stones. Even today we pride ourselves in the top-notch quality products that we deliver.

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Rahul Bang (Head E-Business)
 (+91) 7710771081
 (+91) 9423105390
 [email protected]
Corporate office :
 Shree Rubber Industries 10/2 Central Avenue Lajwanti Complex, First Floor Nagpur 440008
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